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Tonight I ended up looking through my really old icon posts I made on LJ. I started making icons in 2010. Actually I started making icons (for Queer as Folk) on insanejournal on an account that is deleted now. It was interesting and entertaining though, looking back through my really old icon posts. Nice to know I've always been loving and iconning Kara and Olivia :) Most of the icons are completely average for a beginner, with a few deeply embarrassing ones and even fewer sort of good ones. Also I discovered I'm still one of the maintainers of a Sherlock icon comm. Which is not too amusing since the comm is long dead, but I haven't watched that show in a long time either.

And now that I'm thinking of old time icon stuff, I am half pondering running a random round at [ profile] farscapelims since I remembered I still own that comm. Idk if anyone would be interested though. But it's been a few years since there was any activity, so new Farscape icons might be fun to do, especially with people having evolved in their skill levels.
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75 Community icons made for a challenge at [ profile] ohanythinggoes.
Some of these are really nice (imo) and I put a lot of work into them, while some I got really frustrated and just made really plain because I wanted to get these done sooner than later. Also I don't have the patience to make 75 awesome icons apparently.

icons from my top Community episodes )
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This is sort of a huge graphic post. It contains artwork made for a challenge at [ profile] landofart. The challenge was to make certain types of artwork using an inspration list from another user in the comm. The list I got is below the cut; unsurprisingly it includes fandoms I have little knowledge of, so I hope I didn't mess up in the graphics I made of them!

10 icons
8 banners
6 picspams
4 wallpapers

see tags for fandom list )
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10 Pretty Little Liars icons for [ profile] 21tvthrowdown. By some strange reason I've made it to Trial 2 on there!

the rest are here )
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30 emoticon icons made for [ profile] landofart

Community, Fringe, Miranda, Misfits, Parks and Recreation

I'm terrible at adding text to icons )

here ya go

Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:44 pm
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Most of these I made a while ago so, they are not the results of me suddenly finding inspiration tonight. I finished up a few of them and figured I'd post them since, well basically since I remembered I made them. They are all from the most recent handful of Community episodes.
And they're all pretty basic, but sometimes I enjoy making super simple icons.

crazytown banana pants )

some icons

May. 20th, 2012 08:54 pm
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20 icons made for [ profile] inspired20in20 and the theme 'picturesque'. I almost didn't finish these, because I wasn't feeling any inspiration, but I figured I'd do what I could so at least I turned something in.

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I wasn't terribly inspired for a lot of these icons, but I sort of made myself finish tonight regardless. 31 icons from Farscape season 1 made for [ profile] farscape_20in20

it's like disney on acid )
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Fringe icons made for [ profile] inspired20in20. The challenge for this round was resources so all of my icons use textures to varying degrees. I'm not very good at coming up with a sort of overall look for the entire batch, so it's mostly just a lot of random icons that have no overall connection, other than lots of texture usage.

There really aren't any normal days on this job, are there? )
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The theme for this month at [ profile] inspired20in20 is resources and one option was to make 20 textures for that challenge. I've never made textures before, but I tried to make some for the comm. I had no idea how to go about making them so I just sort of went with my own stupid way. I ended up making more than 20, but I can't tell if any of them will be useful to anyone.

textures of indeterminate usefulness )
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So I might have been somewhat bored tonight. Which lead me to making a bunch of Community icons from the most recent two episodes.

spoilers for 3.13 and 3.14 )
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Icons I made mostly for various landcomm challenges/gifts.

01-21 Fringe
22-27 Farscape
28-32 Miranda
33 Parks and Rec
34 Community

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Farscape icons made for [ profile] farscape_20in20. All from episode "Thanks For Sharing"

At least now he's out of your nose hair )


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