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Just a personal opinion on semi current sci fi tv series. The Expanse >>>> Dark Matter. I'm not even sure why at the moment. I wanted to like Dark Matter but it just did very little for me. The Expanse has a slow storyline but I connected with some of the characters a little better.

Also I still love Continuum the best as far as these more recent scifi (and seemingly Canadian filmed mostly) shows. Any other similar-ish shows to recommend (and that are on a streaming service preferably!)?
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Turns out not enough actually happens in my life to make interesting posts often. And this is only the second day I've tried!

Working from home has lots advantages, but excitement is not one of them. I cooked, did some overtime and watched tv. Which is likely how the rest of this week will be going as well.

I finally watched the finale of You, Me and the Apocalypse (a show which I partly only started watching because of Jenna Fisher).
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I keep thinking I should post more, but I really don't have much to post about. I mean I could at least write about mundane fandom stuff since that's like all I do. So I'm going to try to do that at least a little more than I have been.....

I've started watching House of Cards on netflix. Primarily out of boredom, and having watched almost everything else I've wanted to watch that's on streaming sites. I just finished season two. It took me a while to get into it, but I'm sort of enjoying it now. I dont know how much the audience is supposed to dislike Frank, but I sort of hate him, and root for his downfall whenever it seems like someone might take him down. He's an interesting character, but such a terrible person I want to see him punished already. Ah well, I'm sure I'll finish it regardless. It can't get as bad as Homeland got in the later seasons (hopefully!) which I also just watched all of a few weeks ago.

I haven't watched the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels yet, but I know its Ahsoka and Vader interaction. I'll probably watch it tomorrow. I'm hoping its as awesome as I want it to be. And that Ahsoka doesn't die. I don't totally love Rebels, but I keep watching regardless, hopefully it will get as awesome as The Clone Wars did in its prime.

iZombie is sort of awesome lately, I love that they're getting into some good plot stuff finally. I've also been watching You, Me and the Apocalypse which is weird as hell. I think there's just the finale I haven't seen yet.

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meme R

Mar. 26th, 2016 11:47 pm
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It's a meme. The letter meme, [ profile] commoncomitatus gave me R! Comment to get a letter if you'd like to do it!

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Tonight I ended up looking through my really old icon posts I made on LJ. I started making icons in 2010. Actually I started making icons (for Queer as Folk) on insanejournal on an account that is deleted now. It was interesting and entertaining though, looking back through my really old icon posts. Nice to know I've always been loving and iconning Kara and Olivia :) Most of the icons are completely average for a beginner, with a few deeply embarrassing ones and even fewer sort of good ones. Also I discovered I'm still one of the maintainers of a Sherlock icon comm. Which is not too amusing since the comm is long dead, but I haven't watched that show in a long time either.

And now that I'm thinking of old time icon stuff, I am half pondering running a random round at [ profile] farscapelims since I remembered I still own that comm. Idk if anyone would be interested though. But it's been a few years since there was any activity, so new Farscape icons might be fun to do, especially with people having evolved in their skill levels.
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The trailer for Star Wars The Force Unleashed was released tonight. And finally the stupid local theater put tickets up for sale for the movie. I bought two. I don't know who might go with me yet, but I wasn't going to risk not seeing it the first showing regardless. I could say stuff about the trailer, but not up for it now. I'm just glad it wasn't all that spoilery. And it gives me slight hope. It can't be worse than Phantom Menace. Right? ....right????

In other Star Wars news, I've finished The Clone Wars and all caught up with Rebels. I love Ahsoka so I hope they handle the stuff with her and Vader well. It's already too tragic for me!
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I've been so distracted by Mr Robot fandom (and to a lesser extent, Star Wars), that I totally didn't realize Continuum's season 4 is starting tomorrow (Friday)!

I think the season 4 premiere was already released somewhere because I've run across stuff from it, but I haven't watched it at all yet. Looking forward to watching it tomorrow night though.

Also if you haven't watched Mr Robot, I recommend it. It just finished it's 9 episode first season. And I'm not usually one to even bother watching first seasons of shows because I figure what's the point if they're not going to stick around, but I started watching this show thanks to my friend and I just love it so much.
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So I think my ipod is dead. Well it still works and will play what's already on it, but itunes or my computer won't recognize it properly and I got some error message that apparently means bad news. I don't know if it can be fixed or not, but if it can be, I can't figure out how. Also this ipod is pretty old... It's like 2nd generation ipod nano I think, so it's had a pretty decent lifespan I guess.

So I need to buy a new mp3 player. What I primarily will be using it for is podcasts. I don't even listen it music on all that much. I'm not sure if I should get another ipod (itunes is the worst) or if I should try a different brand. (And if I go with something else, how hard will it be to get podcasts on it?)

Just wondering if anyone has any good recs, or stuff to stay away from as far as mp3 player/ipods go? I have been trying to look stuff up but it's sort of confusing and I don't really have the motivation to delve all that deeply into the world of mp3 players. I just want to be able to subscribe to more podcasts and listen to them all!
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All I have been doing lately is watch The X-files. SO much X-files. I had seen episodes here and there, mostly it seems a lot of season 5 and 6. But I've been watching sort of straight through, though with lots of jumping around too.

I know there is about a million fanfics for this fandom, and I am finding myself wanting to read fics (because there's so much left out in some ways, I just want MORE!). So if anyone wants to direct me where to look (or even just plain recs), I would appreciate and enjoy it :)
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I just spent a full hour trying to get my PSN account linked to my Origin/Bioware account. It seems like the Origin and Bioware accounts are the same, but also not? I'm not sure. I think I have like 5 accounts on Bioware social thing at the moment. It doesn't help that I have 2 PSN ids (stupidly....I only really use one), and about half a dozen email addresses and they were all not matching. I thought I had them all matching to a new email address I just created (yeah, it's getting out of hand), but it doesn't seem to be syncing up. I'll try again in a few days to sort it out.

I just beat Dragon Age II, and wanted to install all the DLC that supposedly comes with the Signature Edition that I bought, but apparently I have to jump through 385 hoops before it will magically be accessible in my game!

Think I'll just continue with my DAO replay for a while instead. Poor Alistair is finally going to get romanced this time through!


Apr. 8th, 2015 10:32 pm
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So this is what I spent the majority of my time with on here and LJ.

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If anyone is interested, I participated in an awesome Fringe icon battle over here. I almost gave up about a dozen times and dropped out, but I managed to make some icons for it. I'm not happy with most of them, but there are few of mine that turned out okay I think!
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So I've finally finished Dragon Age Origins, and promptly started a new Origins game already as well as continuing through to Awakenings. Playing as a warrior this time, which is better than I expected it to be. I find all the multiple endings and choices in the game very frustrating because I want to do them ALL and the only way to get them all is to play the game like a dozen times!

Also there has been so much good (new) tv on lately! I have been completely loving The 100, Broad City, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Mindy Project, Looking and Broadchurch. Oh, and Parks and Recreation of course, which only has a handful of episodes left I think sadly.

And of course there is Pretty Little Liars. Which is sort of a mess. I mean it's always been a mess but it's just going nowhere and even the characters are feeling flat sometimes. I'll still watch it forever though probably because, hell, why not. But it needs to pick up the fucking pace and stop dragging its feet with every single plotline (Or stop rushing other plotlines that really don't need to be dashed through and then make no sense. I am refraining from going on the rants I could go on about that show though.)

And so I made a post finally. I should make more but my brain does not cooperate usually.
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Now that I got through that one part (ok I put it on easy mode for it) I cannot stop playing stupid Dragon Age Origins. I had to force myself to stop about a half hour ago because I know I won't sleep well if I don't let my mind chill out a bit before bed. I really didn't expect to be so into this game though!
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I started playing Dragon Age Origins recently. I know a few years late with that one. But I'm not that into gaming that trying something new comes easily to me. I'm enjoying it so far, but it's different enough from all the Final Fantasy games I've played that some parts are still confusing for me. I am definitely a fan of Claudia Black and Kate Mulgrew being in it though!
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I only had one more request before today for a gift. So the rest are just generic sigtags I made.

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I have been sort of looking for new stuff to watch, just because I feel like I've watched everything I wanted to watch. So I started watching The 100 because it's on Netflix. And wow, it is way more upsetting than I anticipated.

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Here are all the requests I've received so far on my Advent Calendar.
There are still a lot of spaces if anyone else wants to request something from me, go here.

If there is anything you'd like fixed or I used the wrong characters (possible with some of the fandoms I am unfamiliar with) please let me know and I will fix it!

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- My life is relentlessly dull a lot of the time. That is a significant part of my lack of making posts.

- One of my icons was nominated at the end of year voting at [ profile] wonderous_stuff. I was surprised yet pleased to find and icon I made in one of the categories. The voting is already over, but I'm more excited that any of my icons got noticed at all.

- I'm overly emotional about the Star Wars trailer. I'm also deeply cynical partly just because because that's who I am. But also because of the prequels and what JJ Abrams did to Star Trek. So I don't have any hope or expectations that the movie will be good. But at the same time a part of me just reacts to the music and images in ways so ingrained in me. It's in my blood, but that doesn't mean I am excited about what the movie will be.

- This Tuesday is the xmas episode of Pretty Little Liars. I love that show way more than it deserves!
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I am going to try to do the advent calendar challenge for landcomm [ profile] gameofcards. Apparently these are things people have done before but I have no experience with this. The challenge doesn't require we make things for people, but I thought I'd make a post so people could comment for stuff if they like.

So if you'd like an icon, sig tag, or graphic of some other kind (or a bunch of vid recs for any fandom I'm familiar with), then feel free to comment for something!

Anyone can comment -- you are just basically giving me ideas of stuff to make/post for this challenge, which is to make 24 things leading up to xmas. They don't have to be holiday themed at all, any fandom you like, though please be specific with stuff if I'm not familiar with the fandom. So anyone if you are interested feel free to request a thing, and I will make it for you to the best of my ability!

done with calendar, no more requests


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