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ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2016-04-04 10:46 pm

two posts in a row!

Turns out not enough actually happens in my life to make interesting posts often. And this is only the second day I've tried!

Working from home has lots advantages, but excitement is not one of them. I cooked, did some overtime and watched tv. Which is likely how the rest of this week will be going as well.

I finally watched the finale of You, Me and the Apocalypse (a show which I partly only started watching because of Jenna Fisher).

It was... well it was okay. It's been such a weird show and I found out apparently its not being renewed which is really a waste because there are so many things they could explore; half the main characters haven't even interacted yet! Also I was supremely depressed by the main switcheroo they revealed at the end. I should have seen it coming I suppose, but I kept thinking since he was wearing the same clothes at the very end that Jamie was put into, it had to be Jamie and not his stupid brother. Also then what was with all that religious stuff about Jamie being the son of god and the other shit? Damn that show was weird. It's disappointing something so weird and unique isn't going to get more episodes, though I suppose. I'm not sure I want to see stupid Ariel pretending to fool everyone in the bunker for multiple episodes though.

And now I'm just gonna keep watching House of Cards till I actually get tired. Which will probably take forever.