ghanimasun: (kara)
ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2016-03-21 10:58 pm

old timey icons

Tonight I ended up looking through my really old icon posts I made on LJ. I started making icons in 2010. Actually I started making icons (for Queer as Folk) on insanejournal on an account that is deleted now. It was interesting and entertaining though, looking back through my really old icon posts. Nice to know I've always been loving and iconning Kara and Olivia :) Most of the icons are completely average for a beginner, with a few deeply embarrassing ones and even fewer sort of good ones. Also I discovered I'm still one of the maintainers of a Sherlock icon comm. Which is not too amusing since the comm is long dead, but I haven't watched that show in a long time either.

And now that I'm thinking of old time icon stuff, I am half pondering running a random round at [ profile] farscapelims since I remembered I still own that comm. Idk if anyone would be interested though. But it's been a few years since there was any activity, so new Farscape icons might be fun to do, especially with people having evolved in their skill levels.

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