ghanimasun: (continuum)
ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2015-09-04 01:04 am

tiny fandom post

I've been so distracted by Mr Robot fandom (and to a lesser extent, Star Wars), that I totally didn't realize Continuum's season 4 is starting tomorrow (Friday)!

I think the season 4 premiere was already released somewhere because I've run across stuff from it, but I haven't watched it at all yet. Looking forward to watching it tomorrow night though.

Also if you haven't watched Mr Robot, I recommend it. It just finished it's 9 episode first season. And I'm not usually one to even bother watching first seasons of shows because I figure what's the point if they're not going to stick around, but I started watching this show thanks to my friend and I just love it so much.

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