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mulder, it's me

All I have been doing lately is watch The X-files. SO much X-files. I had seen episodes here and there, mostly it seems a lot of season 5 and 6. But I've been watching sort of straight through, though with lots of jumping around too.

I know there is about a million fanfics for this fandom, and I am finding myself wanting to read fics (because there's so much left out in some ways, I just want MORE!). So if anyone wants to direct me where to look (or even just plain recs), I would appreciate and enjoy it :)
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I read so much fic on Gossamer once up on a time!

Is there anything in particular you're looking for? Or just general favourites?
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Hi. I'm also a fan of the series. I saw your fandom stocking entry (I click on anything that says The X-Files, hoping inspiration will strike) and came by to check out your DW. If you're still looking for XF fic, I have lots of recs. If you're already familiar with these communities, my apologies for barging in uninvited.

I run a fanfic discussion community on LiveJournal: [ profile] xf_book_club. There is a link that will link you to every discussion post, and plenty of tags, too. Spoilers in the discussions.

I'm also doing mostly episode tag, fill-in fic type recs at [ profile] 201daysofxfiles. I think the tag is fanfic recs: the x-files. You should also be able to search using episode titles. Someday I will figure out how to make a tags page there but today is not that day. I'm very behind the official rewatch now--I'm just starting season seven, but I will finish it.

There are hundreds of fic recs for The X-Files at [ profile] crack_van, a multifandom rec site. [ profile] het_reccers has XF recs. [community profile] fancake has XF recs, though not as many as it should. On tumblr, there is [ profile] msrlibrary. They don't provide anything to go on other than a quote but they have good recs.

I've written a fair number of fics that are episode tags, too. [ profile] wendelah1 (some for Fringe, too). There are plenty of them in my AO3 bookmarks, as well.

Again, my apologies if this isn't what you're looking for. I hope to see you around the fandom.