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Since I rarely seem to actually update to write about tv show reactions (even though this journal is mostly fandom oriented these days), I figure I might as well try it now. Major spoilers for all of Torchwood Miracle Day, Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited and True Blood - whatever the fuck the last episode of season four is called.

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Picspam made for [ profile] scifiland's 10 things I love.... challenge!

I had a hard time coming up with something for this. Eventually I decided to pick my favorite ships, mostly because I'm not really a big shipper and I figured it would be a challenge for me to come up with 10 couples I really like. And it most definitely was difficult. Some of these ships I like a lot more than others, and while some came easy to mind, I had to put some thought into actually picking ten. Also I've discovered I'm really generally only interested in canon ships. What that means or says about me, I don't know...maybe it just means I have no imagination!

And because there are people on my flist that are watching some of these shows there are varying spoilers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, Farscape, Primeval, Firefly, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe.

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Fuck you Torchwood. Fuck you.
I rarely say this, but I hope there's no more Torchwood. I hope it's over for good. Which is hard for me to say about a show I sorta love.
If there is anymore, I'm not watching it.
I'm done.

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So there is new Torchwood this week. Finally.
It is this week only though; five episodes and that's it for like, the entire season. It's actually been pretty good. Which is a bad thing to be surprised by from a show that I supposedly really like! But I accept its badness and fully embrace its improvement in this miniseries. So in my perusing of Torchwood sites this afternoon, I, of course, come across spoilers. Accidentally. And this spoiler, if true, well, I'm going to have some strong fucking feelings about it, that's for sure. I don't want to say anything to really imply the spoiler, except to say that it was a big one and I hope it is not what happens.
If it does, I will surely have an entry about it. A strongly worded one at that.

Edit: Okay Torchwood, I watched episode 4. You have tomorrow to fix it and that's it!
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Okay. The end of season 2 of Torchwood. The beginning of season 4 of Doctor Who.
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In real life, Travis started back to work with me, and they are retraining him so we have to get to work early. That is sort of nice--having a reason to get up early. So I had more free time after work (it was sorta weird) And I went for a little walk even. Woot. I'm all active and shit ;) And now I am just trying to figure out if I want to read or play the Sims. I'll probably try to do both and end up staying up late and being tired tomorrow again. Oh well. Getting into work early is a whole different vibe for me, and it felt like the day went faster. Although that was probably more a result of having Travis there, and therefore actually leaving my desk more than once or twice a day! And for some reason I am slightly stressed out right now. I don't know why in particular. I get that on occasion. I just feel very stressed out, anxious or worried. And I don't know why or how to stop it.
Dammit, why'd I have to drink all my beer last night?


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