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second part of [ profile] tvrealm multimedia bingo. 5 picspams: babylon 5, community, the pretender, multifandom, btvs.

Tv meme

Dec. 14th, 2010 07:26 pm
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Day 28 - First TV show obsession

The Pretender. In high school, this was my show. I taped nearly every episode on VHS and watched them obsessively. I loved Miss Parker more than anything (still do!). I haven't really watched any of this show in a very long time, but something tells me I might be disappointed with some of it now. It was sort of weird, and the series got totally messed up at the end in my opinion. But I loved it dearly, and I have dozens of pez dispensers because of this show too!

meme )
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I re-watched some episodes of season one of The Pretender tonight. Okay, I fast forwarded through a lot of it, because really I just wanted to watch the Miss Parker bits. She's still hella awesome by the way. (The show however, plot and structure are pretty predictable.)

Um, semi spoilers for The Pretender early season one. As if anyone cares about those! )
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Day 15 - Favorite female character

This one's a biggie. And I've been putting it off because I'm super lazy. But I can't put it off any longer or else I might end up doing something productive....and that's just weird. I'm not really great with writing so thats why I'm including links to fanvids instead. Saves me the embarrassment of trying to write something awesome enough to do justice to these characters. Some I couldn't find many quality vids for (or any at all) so any recs are welcomed! (Also vids contain spoilers!)

Really awesome women. )


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