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Even though a lot of people seem sort of sick of The Office lately, I am not one of them. I also don't really give a shit about marriage in general. And despite that I am looking forward to The Office tonight. I didn't have to suffer through all of the Jim and Pam stuff as it happened, as I only actually bothered to seriously watch the US Office not long ago, so I got it all condensed. Regardless of that (or maybe because of it, who knows?) I am a big Jim and Pam fan. I am not really usually much of a shipper, but this is one of the fictional couples I actually care about (QaF contains one of the few others). Also I haven't had anything to look forward to on live tv in a while, so I'm just sort of letting myself get into this because I want to be excited about something new on tv. Now I just hope that it doesn't suck (because I have to say at least some aspects of The Office have not been as awesome as I thought they used to be, but I am still enjoying it) and it's not annoying in any way. Also I want to reiterate my strong feelings about how much I like that Jim and Pam are together, and are staying together, happily. It is so nice to see a happy couple on a good tv show, it shouldn't be such a rarity, but it is. I hope the show can keep them together as a believable real couple, and not resort to stupidity like some other shows tend to do. It is not impossible to have a happy couple together on a quality tv show and for it not to be boring!
Now I just pray that I don't hate this stupid episode tonight!


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