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Sigh. Not that it matters terribly to anyone, but I really think I am just completely done with Sherlock anymore.

The more I read/think about and enjoy Elementary, and look at Sherlock in comparison, the more Sherlock feels less and less enjoyable. I can only credit it as being the reason I know stuff about the original SH canon (though that is mostly due to all the Sherlock fic I read) and what got me watching and excited about Elementary in the first place.

While I'm sure there are awesome people involved in Sherlock somewhere, there is just so much (big and little) stuff about the main people involved that really bugs me, that I just find them all so unappealing in every way anymore. Doesn't help that my current state of not enjoying DW anymore is making the idea of watching anything Moffat makes really not something I want to do.

And not that Elementary is a perfect show, it's still got sexism but at least they have a character recognize that shit sometimes and acknowledge it as being BAD, instead of basically wallowing in it like certain Sherlock episodes (not to mention the racism!).

(I was gonna try and take some time and make this longer and more wordy, but knowing myself, that would probably just make me put it off forever and never post anything. So I instead am just posting a little bit instead of nothing!)
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This is sort of a huge graphic post. It contains artwork made for a challenge at [ profile] landofart. The challenge was to make certain types of artwork using an inspration list from another user in the comm. The list I got is below the cut; unsurprisingly it includes fandoms I have little knowledge of, so I hope I didn't mess up in the graphics I made of them!

10 icons
8 banners
6 picspams
4 wallpapers

see tags for fandom list )


Feb. 14th, 2012 08:00 pm
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Holy hell, I don't even know what to do after reading that fic.

Take a break. Eat some dinner. Watch Pretty Little Liars. Nothing like a silly, nonsensical yet highly entertaining show to help me relax from what was a very intense, long and emotional fanfic.

....And this is my life. Exciting as it gets right here.

gif party

Jan. 16th, 2012 11:48 pm
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24 gifs made for [ profile] landofart challenge. Fandoms include Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Farscape, Babylon 5 and Sherlock (spoilers for series 2). Bingo card.

I sort of got addicted to making gifs )
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Since I (hopefully only temporarily) incapacitated the computer I make graphics on, I am stuck with the prospect of actually writing something, as I keep meaning to anyway. I'm not actually going to do that though, because that would take work and thoughts, and I'm really fucking lazy. Also I'm just not in the mood right now; I've been randomly depressed lately and I'm just not up for a lot of thinking. (Which is why I wanted to make graphics! Instead I spent an hour trying to fix one little thing on the other computer, only to have somehow broken a lot of things in the process. Woopsy.)

Sherlock links and me wanking about stupid shit behind the cut; includes spoilers for A Scandal in Belgravia and episode 2.3 (although those are mostly speculation on my part; I don't know any actual spoilers from that episode, besides what I gathered from ACD canon)
cut for your sanity as well )

But something else to focus on that causes no angst for me: FRINGE RETURNS!!! Less than 24 hours before the new episode, and I am excite. I've missed it so much!
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Sherlock. Oh so many feelings. A lot of feelings.

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Re-watching Sherlock 2.1 right before bed (and sober) was probably not the wisest decision tonight. Now I can lay (lie?) in bed analyzing, over-analyzing, replaying, and just overall obsess over it for hours and not get any sleep for work!

Also I definitely missed a fair amount the first time I watched it the other night. Things make more sense now, but a lot of it...still doesn't make sense.

Anyway. Too many emotions. Too many thoughts. (Nobody cares!)
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I have often thought about making many posts, but usually I talk myself out of it, forget about it, or am just too lazy to write something. I'm in a weird mood tonight I think so I've randomly compiled a few things that I have thought about making posts about previously or that I have just been thinking about lately and am deciding to share.cut for sanity )
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It still boggles my mind sometimes at how much Sherlock fanfic there is. I feel like I've read a ton, and yet there's still new ones being posted and I keep discovering old ones I haven't read yet!  And this is all only in the John/Sherlock slash category. I really haven't read anything else other than a few gen fics in this fandom.

Just tonight I found a few decent recs on tumblr, and found yet another place to find more S/J fanfic! I am seriously fucking addicted.

Also some of the fics can be pretty cracky and hilarious - in good ways. I'm sure there are bad ones too, but I'm pretty picky about what I'll read so I haven't come across a lot of the super cracky stuff.

There's still some types of fic I won't read though, but I'm branching out slowly. It's still quite fun for me though to be so involved in a side of a fandom I've never been so immersed in before.

I don't think there was a point to this post really. I tried to write more but I can't make anything sound right. And I keep getting distracted by all the fics :D
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If i don't post this now, I probably never will. The majority of this I wrote a couple months ago.  Mostly it's just me whinging about how hard it is to be a shipper for me. Seriously. It's pathetic. Don't bother reading!
I over use parenthesis and significantly lack in grammar skills. Or proofreading. Or writing .... with words and spaces and stuff. )
And as usual, I end up posting late at night so I can hit post and scamper off to bed and not have to deal with the consequences that I just posted my thoughts! In public! Where other people will actually possibly read them!
Also I'm just a bit tired so I suspect a significant portion of this entire post does not make sense.
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Sherlock icons made for [ profile] sherlock20in20

the rest )
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Yes I'm posting again. I know, I don't post for weeks it seems, and now I'm doing more than one post a day. Partly because I've been thinking about this post for a while now. And the other part is because I'm drunk enough to spend the time actually writing something.

Anyway here's the thing. I am addicted to Sherlock (BBC) fanfic. This is probably no surprise to anyone reading this. But here's the thing, I feel like I have read nearly all the fanfic for the Sherlock/John pairing (which is primarily the only fic I read in that fandom).  I have reread most of the fics I've liked already. And I have become so desperate to read more S/J fanfic that I have started looking through the fics on fanfiction dot net. And as it turns out, it mostly as bad as I feared it would be. There have been a few that I have been able to get the whole way through, and even less that I would constitute decent fics. But I'm going to keep going through it in the hope that I will stumble across a few more decent pieces. (Any recs? I'm desperate for them!)

I also recently found a book from college I had that has mystery stories in it. There were two classic ACD Sherlock Holmes stories in there, which I just finished reading. They were good and it was fun to read them, but I'm not terribly compelled to seek out any more. I was also so bored yesterday I attemtped to watch an old Sherlock Holmes show on netflix, but I couldn't last more than 15 minutes before I got bored with the whole thing.  I think I prefer not reading the classing SH stuff, because the modern version seems based on some of the cases from the classic stuff, and I prefer being completely ignorant of the resolution to the cases when I watch the next season (which won't be probably for another six months or so, I realize.) Although I was entertained to catch a few references to the ACD stories I read and the bit of the SH show I watched in all the fanfic I've read.

I've never been so into a ship in my life, and I've never been so into a slash ship either (obviously). It's an interesting experience in my fandom life for me though. And I'm loving every bit of it of course.
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Sherlock icons made for [ profile] sherlock20in20 

afghanistan or iraq? )
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So in my large chunk of free time this evening I decided somewhat randomly to try watching the BBC series Sherlock. (Instead of actually doing anything remotely productive of course.) After the first episode I've found it surprisingly good. I already knew I liked Martin Freeman thanks to my deep love of The Office UK. I found the other dude to be much more interesting than I expected however.
And now I'm compelled to attempt to watch the rest of it (all two other episodes) of it tonight! Dammit!


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