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100 icons made for [ profile] landofart. All bases made by [ profile] landofart members. (Please comment if you'd like credit for your individual bases.)

1-14 Doctor Who
15-17 Celebs
18-20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
21-29 Labyrinth
30-35 Harry Potter
36-82 Merlin
83-100 stock

Bases credit:
84 [info]jussy_baby
46-53, 61-78 [info]christinaa88
17 [ profile] ciaimpala
8,18,40,41,45,79-82 [ profile] craterdweller

all i can do is make things brighter colors i think )
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So a few days ago I mentioned that my boyfriend started watching Merlin. Well he's still watching it and I've caught a few more. And in my desperate quest to find something to do tonight when I was extremely bored, I started watching the parts that interest me.  I have therefore spent the entire evening watching only the parts or episodes of the show that feature Gwen/Arthur. Because, they are really quite nice. They are both so adorable. Which is funny because I always thought that Arthur was really boring and uninteresting from the pictures I've seen, but the actor makes the character interesting.
I've found I have no real desire to go back and watch the episodes I miss or that don't feature them. The show is okay, but some of it is ridiculous, disappointing, stupid, or just not interesting to me. So alas I shall continue to indulge myself in the Gwen and Arthur plot alone.


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