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100 icons made for [ profile] landofart. All bases made by [ profile] landofart members. (Please comment if you'd like credit for your individual bases.)

1-14 Doctor Who
15-17 Celebs
18-20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
21-29 Labyrinth
30-35 Harry Potter
36-82 Merlin
83-100 stock

Bases credit:
84 [info]jussy_baby
46-53, 61-78 [info]christinaa88
17 [ profile] ciaimpala
8,18,40,41,45,79-82 [ profile] craterdweller

all i can do is make things brighter colors i think )
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I may be somewhat distracted by Harry Potter lately. Nothing serious, just amusing myself with reading lots of different things. And if you have not seen A Very Potter Musical, and you're a HP fan, you should probably check it out, and the sequel. (They're not perfect, and some parts are definitely very fail-y. But there were enough parts that made me laugh overall.)

This is the third part. I am posting it because I tried watching this once before a few months ago, but I though the first part was so dull I just gave up. This part is definitely more entertaining, and will give more of a feel of how the whole thing is, before you try to watch the whole thing!
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Harry Potter movie was awesome, by the way. And is the reason why I've spent the last 4 or 5 hours reading HP fanfics (thank god for recs, because I would have never ventured into hp fanfic unguided. I found some great stuff thankfully though.)
I have an HP ship and it is strong. Thank goodness there's awesome stuff out there for it.

Stupid HP. How dare you make me interested in you again!

(This is part of my attempt to post more. I post totally short and shallow posts of simple things. Enjoy ;) )


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