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If anyone is interested, I participated in an awesome Fringe icon battle over here. I almost gave up about a dozen times and dropped out, but I managed to make some icons for it. I'm not happy with most of them, but there are few of mine that turned out okay I think!
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So I've been meaning to make a post about Fringe for a while now. And this is basically my last chance since the freaking SERIES FINALE is tomorrow night (or tonight technically since it takes me till past midnight my time to even start a freaking journal post).

Fringe thoughts and rambling )
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Fringe! I'm finally back into you this season! Thank goodness <3 Although also sad b/c there are only a handful of episodes left :(
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This is sort of a huge graphic post. It contains artwork made for a challenge at [ profile] landofart. The challenge was to make certain types of artwork using an inspration list from another user in the comm. The list I got is below the cut; unsurprisingly it includes fandoms I have little knowledge of, so I hope I didn't mess up in the graphics I made of them!

10 icons
8 banners
6 picspams
4 wallpapers

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30 emoticon icons made for [ profile] landofart

Community, Fringe, Miranda, Misfits, Parks and Recreation

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some icons

May. 20th, 2012 08:54 pm
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20 icons made for [ profile] inspired20in20 and the theme 'picturesque'. I almost didn't finish these, because I wasn't feeling any inspiration, but I figured I'd do what I could so at least I turned something in.

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Fringe icons made for [ profile] inspired20in20. The challenge for this round was resources so all of my icons use textures to varying degrees. I'm not very good at coming up with a sort of overall look for the entire batch, so it's mostly just a lot of random icons that have no overall connection, other than lots of texture usage.

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Gif post!
9 Farscape gifs and 5 Fringe gifs made for [ profile] ohanythinggoes

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Icons I made mostly for various landcomm challenges/gifts.

01-21 Fringe
22-27 Farscape
28-32 Miranda
33 Parks and Rec
34 Community

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I've discovered I have the same problem with making Fringe gifs as I have with making Fringe icons: I don't know how to make them of anyone besides Olivia!
I know there are other characters on the show, I even like some of them (especially in season 1, which is the only season I can gif atm), but I have literally made gifs of Olivia just like turning around, as opposed to making any sort of gifs of anyone else actually doing something more action-y than looking around. I'm sure other people do interesting things on this show, I just tend to forget about it when I'm distracted by Olivia basically doing....anything at all.


And in other fandomy crap, Pretty Little Liars.
spoilers, on the off chance someone on my flist actually watches this show )
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32 icons made for a challenge on [ profile] landofart

1 - 5 Community
6 -10 Farscape
11-15, 31-32 Fringe
16-20 Parks and Recreation
21-25 Pretty Little Liars
30-35 Better Off Tedicons are icons )
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Friends only banners made for [ profile] landofart

2 - Babylon 5
2 - Fringe

banners )

i done art

Dec. 20th, 2011 11:06 pm
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10 icons and 5 graphics made for [ profile] landofart Text challenge.
Basically the graphics just had to have any text on them, and as you'll see, I am really not good at coming up with text nor do I vary much in the way I use text. And the other graphics I mostly just went overboard with textures really.

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Had to make a top ten of anything from Fringe. I pondered doing something that wasn't Olivia related, but that was just weird. This is sort of ten times Olivia is brave, badass, awesome or that I just really liked. I tried to make an effort to not just pick the times when she beats people up (because I like violence on tv apparently?). Also they're in chronological order because I am always compelled to put things in that order. Made for [ profile] fringeverse. Fringe spoilers seasons 1-3.

Olivia Dunham, FBI )
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Since I made that post earlier with my old crappy icons, I decided to post some of the icons I've made for various challenges/comms that I haven't yet posted to my journal. Some of these are still crappy. Not as crappy as a year ago, but more just very plain. A few of these I am quite happy with though. But since I am selfish in certain ways, I can't let even one icon (no matter how plain) go unposted on my journal!

1-11 Farscape
12-42 Fringe
43-47 Battlestar Galactica
48-52 Parks and Recreation

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I have often thought about making many posts, but usually I talk myself out of it, forget about it, or am just too lazy to write something. I'm in a weird mood tonight I think so I've randomly compiled a few things that I have thought about making posts about previously or that I have just been thinking about lately and am deciding to share.cut for sanity )
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Fringe. So I have not read any reviews, forums or posts about Fringe since season four started. This is because I had thought up the idea to write actual posts about each episode (what a novel idea, I know!) and I didn't want to be influenced by reading tons of other stuff. So because this is so late, I am probably repeating stuff everyone has written everywhere.

So I've rewatched 4.01 and have written up a recap/review rambly thing. I don't know how well this is gonna work out, but hey I'm trying to write something, which is good. Or at least that's what people keep telling me.

Fringe 4.01 spoilage )


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