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This is sort of a huge graphic post. It contains artwork made for a challenge at [ profile] landofart. The challenge was to make certain types of artwork using an inspration list from another user in the comm. The list I got is below the cut; unsurprisingly it includes fandoms I have little knowledge of, so I hope I didn't mess up in the graphics I made of them!

10 icons
8 banners
6 picspams
4 wallpapers

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I wasn't terribly inspired for a lot of these icons, but I sort of made myself finish tonight regardless. 31 icons from Farscape season 1 made for [ profile] farscape_20in20

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I made 3 wallpapers for a challenge at [ profile] farscape_land. I really am not fond of making wallpapers, because I just don't do them well. Also I only really have one style when I make wallpapers which is obvious once you see any one I make.

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Gif post!
9 Farscape gifs and 5 Fringe gifs made for [ profile] ohanythinggoes

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Icons I made mostly for various landcomm challenges/gifts.

01-21 Fringe
22-27 Farscape
28-32 Miranda
33 Parks and Rec
34 Community

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Farscape icons made for [ profile] farscape_20in20. All from episode "Thanks For Sharing"

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32 icons made for a challenge on [ profile] landofart

1 - 5 Community
6 -10 Farscape
11-15, 31-32 Fringe
16-20 Parks and Recreation
21-25 Pretty Little Liars
30-35 Better Off Tedicons are icons )
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Eight Farscape picspams made for [ profile] farscape_land.

gif party

Jan. 16th, 2012 11:48 pm
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24 gifs made for [ profile] landofart challenge. Fandoms include Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Farscape, Babylon 5 and Sherlock (spoilers for series 2). Bingo card.

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So I've been thinking about starting a Farscape Last Icon Maker Standing comm up, but I figure I might as well see what the interest level looks like before I got much further in thinking about it.

[Poll #1808879]
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So I got Photoshop CS5 for xmas and I've discovered how to make gifs. I basically made gifs nonstop tonight since I've discovered how. All gifs are from Farscape season 1 only.

Graphics heavy - 30 gifs. I still don't know how to make the gifs small/tumblr size, so they are mostly pretty big. There's only two or three that are small enough to use on tumblr. Any concrit on gif making is welcome!

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 A collection of some icons I made recently for various landcomm challenges.

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50 Farscape icons made for part of my [ profile] farscape_land Big Bang.

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26 Farscape icons made for [ profile] farscape_land challenge Everything's Linked.

We chose one prompt then had to pick three things linked to that thing, then three things linked to each of those.

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Since I made that post earlier with my old crappy icons, I decided to post some of the icons I've made for various challenges/comms that I haven't yet posted to my journal. Some of these are still crappy. Not as crappy as a year ago, but more just very plain. A few of these I am quite happy with though. But since I am selfish in certain ways, I can't let even one icon (no matter how plain) go unposted on my journal!

1-11 Farscape
12-42 Fringe
43-47 Battlestar Galactica
48-52 Parks and Recreation

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For a challenge in [ profile] farscape_land where we had to put Farscape characters into the universe of other shows.
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