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Sigh. Not that it matters terribly to anyone, but I really think I am just completely done with Sherlock anymore.

The more I read/think about and enjoy Elementary, and look at Sherlock in comparison, the more Sherlock feels less and less enjoyable. I can only credit it as being the reason I know stuff about the original SH canon (though that is mostly due to all the Sherlock fic I read) and what got me watching and excited about Elementary in the first place.

While I'm sure there are awesome people involved in Sherlock somewhere, there is just so much (big and little) stuff about the main people involved that really bugs me, that I just find them all so unappealing in every way anymore. Doesn't help that my current state of not enjoying DW anymore is making the idea of watching anything Moffat makes really not something I want to do.

And not that Elementary is a perfect show, it's still got sexism but at least they have a character recognize that shit sometimes and acknowledge it as being BAD, instead of basically wallowing in it like certain Sherlock episodes (not to mention the racism!).

(I was gonna try and take some time and make this longer and more wordy, but knowing myself, that would probably just make me put it off forever and never post anything. So I instead am just posting a little bit instead of nothing!)


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