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Oh crap I just remembered I have to make a post tonight. Um. I have no idea what to post about.'s a thing. That show, Dexter, that's pretty much the worst fucking last season of a show ever.
cut in case someone doesn't want to like be spoiled, or have to read (more) of my complaining about this show )
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I'm not saying Continuum is a better show than Dexter, but I would like to say that I like Continuum a hell of a lot more and it doesn't make me yell at the screen as much. I am only comparing the two because they both aired tonight and I watched them back to back. Also they're among the few shows I am watching now that are currently airing new episodes.

spoilers for both )
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Does anyone else watch Dexter? I've watched it regularly and I generally like it. But practically every episode stresses me out in some way or another. I always need to take a little break after watching each episode. But that's partly just because I'm a sort of tense person sometimes and I get easily overwhelmed by stuff. (Also, I jump at pretty much any sudden noise/movement.) Anyway, I think the second half of the current season is shaping up to be really good. I am just worried about what's going to happen to Lumen's character at the end of the series. I kinda love Julia Stiles. And I definitely love Jennifer Carpenter. She's half the reason I watch the show, especially when some of the episodes drag on.

Also I was going to work on some graphics today, but I got distracted. By Harry Potter stuff. I keep hearing about Mark Reads Harry Potter, and today I've finally remembered to check it out when I had the time. And looks like that might eat up my whole night.

Oh yes, and check out this Fringe vidlet [ profile] beccatoria made from a prompt I left! (spoilery through 3.7) She's made a bunch of other vidlets this month, all great stuff.
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Ack! Dexter! Stupid show.....I shouldn't be this stressed out by a stupid show, but I am fairly upset. That show always does that to me though. A show about a serial killer shouldn't raise my blood pressure as high as it does.

Major spoilers for Dexter s4 finale )


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