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I have cooked. And it was good.

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I have made meatballs!! They didn't turn out bad at all; not amazing though either. I used beef and this garlic cheese sausage Travis's parents bought. I think I might have used too much sausage though, which is not surprising seeing as how I've never cooked sausage before because in general I don't care for it. I also think the spices I randomly threw into the mixture could be altered to make a better taste, but still I think they tasted pretty good...especially for my first time!

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I am going to attempt to make meatballs. I say attempt because I have never made them before and really don't know what I'm doing. I have found some recipes online I am going to use as a sort of base, but my usual method of cooking will probably take over (throwing lots of stuff together, somewhat haphazardly, and hoping it doesn't turn out disgusting). Last time Travis's parents were here his dad made awesome meatballs but I forgot to ask him what secret was (aka, the recipe). I don't even know if its better to fry them or bake them. I will probably try both as I'm feeling slightly adventurous (probably just because the dishes and kitchen are clean and we have lots of food). If anyone has any particularly awesome recipes or tips regarding meatballs, I'd appreciate it. But I probably won't use it till the next time I feel this cooking adventurous which could be months from now :)

ETA: Fuck, I forgot all the meat was frozen! Guess I'll be waiting an hour or so to start experimenting with meatballs.


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