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So I wrote a live blog reaction when I watched the last episode of Continuum s2. I was going to try to edit it and post it for tonight, but it's really just a mess of freak outs and nonsense and editing it seems like too much damn work honestly. So I'm just posting it as is. It's a lot of random reactions that I don't entirely remember. I really need to watch that episode again.

Also if you've not watched Continuum, then I highly recommend it if you are a fan of sci fi, time travel, complicated female characters, lots of male characters (haha just kidding, that's in every show ever almost), or overly complicated shows that make you mad and are compelling at the same time!

this makes no sense unless you are watching 2.13 while reading and are interested in my random capslocks reactions )
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I'm not saying Continuum is a better show than Dexter, but I would like to say that I like Continuum a hell of a lot more and it doesn't make me yell at the screen as much. I am only comparing the two because they both aired tonight and I watched them back to back. Also they're among the few shows I am watching now that are currently airing new episodes.

spoilers for both )
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If I don't post this now I probably never will. Apologies for any part where I don't make sense, because I tend to be very unclear when I write sometimes!

Warehouse 13 )

Continuum spoilers up to 2.6 )

PS I'm on episode 7 of Orphan Black!!


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