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75 Community icons made for a challenge at [ profile] ohanythinggoes.
Some of these are really nice (imo) and I put a lot of work into them, while some I got really frustrated and just made really plain because I wanted to get these done sooner than later. Also I don't have the patience to make 75 awesome icons apparently.

icons from my top Community episodes )
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This is sort of a huge graphic post. It contains artwork made for a challenge at [ profile] landofart. The challenge was to make certain types of artwork using an inspration list from another user in the comm. The list I got is below the cut; unsurprisingly it includes fandoms I have little knowledge of, so I hope I didn't mess up in the graphics I made of them!

10 icons
8 banners
6 picspams
4 wallpapers

see tags for fandom list )
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30 emoticon icons made for [ profile] landofart

Community, Fringe, Miranda, Misfits, Parks and Recreation

I'm terrible at adding text to icons )

here ya go

Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:44 pm
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Most of these I made a while ago so, they are not the results of me suddenly finding inspiration tonight. I finished up a few of them and figured I'd post them since, well basically since I remembered I made them. They are all from the most recent handful of Community episodes.
And they're all pretty basic, but sometimes I enjoy making super simple icons.

crazytown banana pants )

some icons

May. 20th, 2012 08:54 pm
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20 icons made for [ profile] inspired20in20 and the theme 'picturesque'. I almost didn't finish these, because I wasn't feeling any inspiration, but I figured I'd do what I could so at least I turned something in.

blah blah blah )
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So I might have been somewhat bored tonight. Which lead me to making a bunch of Community icons from the most recent two episodes.

spoilers for 3.13 and 3.14 )


Feb. 11th, 2012 10:08 pm
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My guide to Community made for [ profile] tvrealm

Community icon and fanvid recs )
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32 icons made for a challenge on [ profile] landofart

1 - 5 Community
6 -10 Farscape
11-15, 31-32 Fringe
16-20 Parks and Recreation
21-25 Pretty Little Liars
30-35 Better Off Tedicons are icons )
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second part of [ profile] tvrealm multimedia bingo. 5 picspams: babylon 5, community, the pretender, multifandom, btvs.

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In celebration of Community tonight, and you know, mostly for a challenge for [ profile] tvrealm - dance party! The first person I thought of for this challenge.
turnin it into a snake )
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Fifty icons! That's right, fifty! I tried a new sort of style with these; I don't know how well it worked, but it was fun. And I think some of them turned out really well at least. These were made for the [ profile] tvrealm Big Bang for the inspiration prompt One Girl Revolution

1-6 Community
7-20 Veronica Mars
21-50 Pretty Little Liars

i am confidence in insecurity )
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The seven deadly sins, Community style made for [ profile] tvrealm
seven icons )


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