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Aug. 21st, 2014 12:09 am
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Random vid recs!

The Way We Get By [Broad City] - The first Broad City fanvid I've seen (and maybe the only one in existence?). This show is amazing and this vid shows how the relationship between the two main characters are what make the series great.

Spiralling [Continuum] - I love this video so much. It's focused mostly on Kiera who is one of my favorite characters currently on tv, but theres a lot of gen stuff too. I wish more people watched this show!

Slippery Slope [Fringe] - Story of both Olivias. It reminded me how much the show changed course in the later seasons and forgot that Olivia was the main character. It also reminded me how much I loved her, all versions of her so damn much. I could (and will) watch this vid over and over again.

Fantasy [The Mindy Project] - Mindy and Danny. Apparently tv comedy ships totally do it for me. I love this vid and I love Mindy/Danny. (Also this vid reminds me that I need to watch this series over again now that I actually recognize all the dudes in these clips I had no clue about before. Also for all the general greatness this show can have.)
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Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I love this show. And yes it's has a lot of shitty stuff in it. Alas, I have written a bunch about the season 5 premiere. So, spoilers.

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Apr. 23rd, 2014 11:32 pm
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The multi maker journal where I post my icons on LJ, [ profile] froonium_icons is having a request post. Go here if you'd like to request some icons by fandom or provide caps for icons for icons to be made!

t tscc

Mar. 15th, 2014 01:47 am
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Seriously. Sarah Connor Chronicles finale. Seriously. Ugh my time travel love and so much stuff happened in that last episode. I'm retroactively pissed it got cancelled now.

I wasn't super into the series as a whole, because I am not huge into the Terminator canon (aka never saw a single movie) and the characters weren't outrageously compelling to me. Which is not to say they were bad or anything, just nothing really struck me in that weird magical way. But the plot stuff set up at the end of the second season is so potentially interesting to me....screw you whatever network that show was on! I want more!!!
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Why is it when I am in the mood to make graphics, there's no challenges open for me to work on? Well there's one at least now but I wish there were others too!
So yeah I'm really bored tonight, and stupidly I slept very late today so who knows when I will get tired. Probably not for a bit yet.

I might start watching Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight. Even though it's not on netflix, I'm bored enough to deal with watching stuff in the computer still. Although I have never actually seen a Terminator movie (weirdly), so I am not sure how confusing it will be to me. But there are some people I like in it at least. And I feel like I've watched everything else that interests me! Also I forget all the other things I keep meaning to watch that aren't on netflix. I should make a list I guess.

Anyway tomorrow is going to be snow storm number 873 of this year so I will probably be stuck at home all day then. Hopefully I won't go too crazy.
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Day 15 - Favorite non-human character

I love me some aliens.

To make this simple I will say: Almost all of the aliens on Farscape, especially Aeryn and Chiana. Most of the aliens on Babylon 5, especially G'kar and Londo. Most of the aliens on ST Deep Space 9 especially Kira and Garak.

Also if supernatural beings count, then a lot of both Being Human UK and US casts, especially Nina (UK) and Sally (US).
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Day 15 - A gif of your favorite character

Favorite character is never simple for me. But there's a few I go back to more than others.

gif meme )

that thing

Feb. 25th, 2014 12:16 am
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Yes, yes I did forget about the memes I was doing. I remembered tonight though.

Day 14 - Favorite child character
This is a hard oen for me, because I don't really watch a lot of shows with children in them. If it was teen character, I could name half a dozen at least. Child sized though? Just gonna go with Dawn Summers, because she's the only one I can even think of and she was pre-high school for at least part of her time on Buffy. Also I don't really hate her like some of the fandom seems to, and by the end I did quite love her as much as everyone else.

tv meme )

Day 14 - A gif of your favorite scene

Favorite scene? Talk about impossible choices. This is just the first gif I have saved that I liked. So it's my favorite out of that selection :)

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I meant to add more to it but I've edited it and if I don't post it now I never will.

Pretty Little Liars thoughts through episode 4x20 Free Fall. Has some negativity of characters in it so just skip if you're not up for that.

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meme again

Feb. 15th, 2014 10:51 pm
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Day 13 - Favorite male character

This list is going to be a lot smaller than the one for female characters.
John Crichton, Gaius Baltar, Sam Anders, Nick Miller, Jeff Winger, Ninth Doctor, Londo Mollari, G'kar, Ben Sisko, Garak.

tv meme )

Day 13 - A gif from your favorite movie

gif meme )

its back!

Feb. 10th, 2014 12:52 am
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Day 12 - Favorite female character

This question is only difficult in that it requires me to answer at least a dozen people here. I cannot narrow it down. I mean this is is clearly a narrowing down of the dozens of other characters I could name, but I can't just pick one. I'm too needy I guess.

Kara Thrace, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Delenn, Susan Ivanova, Olivia Dunham, Kira Neyrs, Jadzia Dax, Buffy Summers, Donna Noble, Leslie Knope, Veronica Mars, Miss Parker, Miranda, Kiera Cameron, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Britta Perry, Nikita Mears

And I'm sure I'm forgetting some people.
tv meme )

Day 12 - A gif from your favorite tv show
Since "favorite tv show" is something that varies for me on a near daily basis, I'm just gonna answer with a semi random choice.

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Day 10 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Multiple episodes of Farscape and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I couldn't narrow it down without naming about a dozen each. But those are probably the two series I've rewatched more than any others.

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Day 10 - A "wtf?" gif

gif meme )

blah blah

Feb. 3rd, 2014 01:16 am
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Day 9 - A show that disappointed you

I know I'm probably forgetting some. First ones that come to mind are Heroes, Merlin, Dexter and eventually Torchwood.
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Day 9 - A silly gif

gif meme )
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Note: for some reason (either my email or LJ) my LJ notifications are not really showing up sometimes at all/the same day. So if it feels like I'm not responding to a comment you left for ever there's at least some chance it's not just me being a huge slacker but because I have no idea it is there~!

Day 8 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

There's definitely a few of these I can think of. Battlestar Galactica which I thought was gonna be dull and dry (well and depressing too, but that one it definitely is). Nikita which I thought was gonna be gross exploitation and not love its female characters as much as it did. Also I didn't expect New Girl to be as funny and wonderful as it is.

tv meme )

Day 8 - A cute gif

(Gods, I love her face!)

gif meme )

more meme.

Feb. 1st, 2014 12:59 am
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Day 7 - Best scene ever

There's like a billion answers for this. But the first thing that popped into my mind when I read this prompt was this.

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Day 7 - A hot gif

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on task

Jan. 31st, 2014 12:46 am
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Day 6 - A show everyone should watch

This is not really one I can give a good answer to. Because everyone has different preferences and might not like scifi or weird shit that I like.

I'll go with Parks and Recreation though I guess. It's pretty positive and almost always hilarious.

tv meme )

Day 6 - A hug gif

For once I have two (randomish) choices for this...

gif meme )
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Day 5 - Least favorite episode of your favorite show

Just using the same shows as yetserday for simplicity.

Farscape - Of course the classic Jeremiah Crichton. Also I have a distinct dislike for I, ET.

Fringe - Earthling. And probably some episodes from the last two seasons but I've only watched htem once and don't remember enough about them to be sure.

Community - any number of season 4 episodes. Maybe the convention one or the halloween one. I'm not sure.

tv meme )

Day 5 - A dancing gif

gif meme )
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Day 4 - Favorite episode of your favorite show

It's still hard for me to pick a favorite show of all time, so I'm going to have a handful of answers for this one (and any of them that specify favorite anything!) Also my answers to this would probably change next week if you asked me again.

Farscape - Won't Get Fooled Again

Fringe - Olivia

Community - Modern Warfare

tv meme )

Day 4 - An angry gif

gif meme )
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Day 3 - Your favorite new show (aired this tv season)

Okay after much thinking I've come up with a few shows that have only aired one season so far. I don't know if they were technically aired "this" tv season though. Especially because 2 are non US and one is internet only!

My Mad Fat Diary - Short british series about a fat teen with mental health issues, and her experiences/relationships. Very compelling and really just interesting all around. Also set in the mid 90's and since it's British it means it's basically FULL of my Favorite Music Ever.

Orphan Black - Canadian series about clones. Basically you will learn to love the main actress (because she is talented and Gorgeous) and it's a lot if interesting scifi cloney type stuff.

Orange is the New Black - I'm just assuming everyone's watched this one already.

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Day 3 - An unamused gif

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Day 2 - A show that needs more viewers

Community and New Girl. I don't know how well they are doing in the ratings, but I'm sure they could both use some more viewers. And they are both hilarious with amazing characters.

Also Continuum when it comes back in a few months.

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Day 2 - A sad gif

gif meme )

meme meme

Jan. 26th, 2014 01:01 am
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I've seen a bunch of people on my flist doing both these memes. So I'm totally being a follower and doing them too. Also they look much easier for me than that last one I tried to do!

TV Meme

Day 1 - A show that should never have been canceled
I may have done a meme very similar to this a few years ago because I remember answering this question in a meme before. My first and obvious answer is Farscape. But since I probably won't answer a single thing on this meme with one answer, I have more!

I'd also like to add Nikita, which was cancelled (the show even titled its final episode "Cancelled"). The show was given at a 6 episode final season to finish up the series. But seriously, that show was on the CW, which is not a home of quality tv in the long run sadly. Nikita was amazing and perhaps better than a lot of the other shows on the CW.

Also Veronica Mars. And Better Off Ted.

tv meme )

Gif meme

Day 1 - A happy gif
(obvious fyi: i have not made any gifs I include in this challenge.)

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