ghanimasun: (star wars)
ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2015-10-19 11:34 pm

The star wars.

The trailer for Star Wars The Force Unleashed was released tonight. And finally the stupid local theater put tickets up for sale for the movie. I bought two. I don't know who might go with me yet, but I wasn't going to risk not seeing it the first showing regardless. I could say stuff about the trailer, but not up for it now. I'm just glad it wasn't all that spoilery. And it gives me slight hope. It can't be worse than Phantom Menace. Right? ....right????

In other Star Wars news, I've finished The Clone Wars and all caught up with Rebels. I love Ahsoka so I hope they handle the stuff with her and Vader well. It's already too tragic for me!

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