ghanimasun: (bsg - six)
ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2015-04-09 10:32 pm

age of dragon

I just spent a full hour trying to get my PSN account linked to my Origin/Bioware account. It seems like the Origin and Bioware accounts are the same, but also not? I'm not sure. I think I have like 5 accounts on Bioware social thing at the moment. It doesn't help that I have 2 PSN ids (stupidly....I only really use one), and about half a dozen email addresses and they were all not matching. I thought I had them all matching to a new email address I just created (yeah, it's getting out of hand), but it doesn't seem to be syncing up. I'll try again in a few days to sort it out.

I just beat Dragon Age II, and wanted to install all the DLC that supposedly comes with the Signature Edition that I bought, but apparently I have to jump through 385 hoops before it will magically be accessible in my game!

Think I'll just continue with my DAO replay for a while instead. Poor Alistair is finally going to get romanced this time through!

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