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ghanimasun ([personal profile] ghanimasun) wrote2014-12-12 12:54 am

woah a tv post!

I have been sort of looking for new stuff to watch, just because I feel like I've watched everything I wanted to watch. So I started watching The 100 because it's on Netflix. And wow, it is way more upsetting than I anticipated.

So I'm about 5 or 6 episodes in? And basically everyone dying. Clearly I was stupid to pick the one dude as my favorite character because he got murdered like 3 episodes in. Also what is up with that society on the arc? So much murder!! I have a lot of world building questions and I'm trying not to hate so many characters, but so many are terrible people! It's really stressful to watch and I'm afraid to even like any characters at this point because they will probably be murdered in two episodes from now anyway.

I will probably keep watching, even though I wasn't sure I could take it at first. Partly just because I literally don't have much else to do in my life so I might as well sit through some weird apocalyptic murder scifi show (it sort of reminds me of The Hunger Games. Like that and a little Lost combination, maybe?). I am just curious if it gets more graphic and upsetting or stays about the same maybe? Some of the radiation body horror stuff freaks me out, which I wasn't expecting to be so freaked out by. So if anyone who has seen this show can tell me how gross/upsetting it gets and if I will get much out of watching more? (I have watched way worse shows though so unless people warn me that it gets terrible, I don't think I'll drop it.)

Also I do enjoy that is has like a ton of actors that I am familiar with. Terry Chen, always a secret bad guy. Alessandro Juliani always a hot ignored techy guy. Richard Harmon always a problem character.

Speaking of all those actors, Continuum got renewed for one final season of six episodes!!! This is great news because it only took like a billion days (or something) for any news to come of it, so most people thought it was just cancelled. So at least they get to finish up the story. And damn I love that show so much.

Finally, I also just watched The Fall. I put off watching it for a while because I thought it was going to be dull and I don't have the mad love for Gillian Anderson that a lot of people seem to have. (Not that I dislike her, I just was never that into The X-Files to care much.) But it is sort of awesome. Well it's creepy as fuck and really disturbing in parts, I have skipped through a few scenes because it was stressful. But Anderson's character is really great and worth watching the show for in my opinion.

Now I'm off to watch another episode of The 100 and hope another character doesn't die!

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